Standard protection surgical gown(Products that can be used repeatedly)


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 Burlington has achieved a new breakthrough in the materials of surgical gowns. All fabrics have been granted with independent intellectual properties and related patents, bringing more protective, comfortable and durable surgical gowns to the medical workers, which not only protect the medical workers and patients, but also reduce the post-surgery infection risks and protect the safety of doctors and patients.

 That’s because the world-leading long chemical fiber materials have been adopted. Processed with special technologies, they can prevent invasion to the blood, isolate the bacteria, resist to electrostatic dusts and are free of fallen wadding. They are resistant to chlorine bleaching and stain, require a low cost for washing and sterilizing, which can be sterilized with high temperature and pressure steam and thus can be used repeatedly for 70 times. Meanwhile, the surgical gown is equipped with RFID chip, which can meet the requirements of modern material management technology and intelligent operating rooms.

Functional features

1.Free of fallen wadding: The new-type high-strength long chemical fiber does not absorb dust and is free of fallen wadding and durable, which can reduce the cleaning times of the ventilation system;

2.Preventing the permeation of microbes: Under the dry or wet states, it can effectively prevent the attack of microbes and reduce the infection risk in the operating room;

3.Liquid isolation: The new weaving technique, through special processing, can fully meet the requirements of liquid isolation of surgery environment;

4.Anti-static: Special carbon fiber static wires have been woven with internationally advanced technology to discharge static electricity permanently, prevent tiny particles from being absorbed and reduce the disturbance to precision instrument and apparatus;

5.Comfortable and breathable: The traditional coating and filming process has been replaced by the advanced waterproof weaving process, which makes the fabric lighter and thinner, more breathable, and provide medical workers with more comfort.


Test data

1.Resistance to water permeability AATCC 127:500mm H2O

2.Color fastness AATCC 188:Level 4

3.Anti-static AATCC 76:<106Ω/m2

4.Breathability ASTM D737:7.35cm3/s/cm2

5.Bursting strength

Bursting strength (dry):

Key regions 416kPa, non-key regions 410kPa

Bursting strength (wet): 419kPa

Breaking strength (dry):

Key regions lengthwise 697N/crosswise 57N  non-key regions

Lengthwise 523N/crosswise 559N

Breaking strength (wet): Lengthwise 668N  Crosswise 532N


How to clean

1.Cleaning solutions with strong acidity are forbidden;

2.Cleaning solutions cannot be neutralized with oxalic acid;

3.Slightly alkaline cleaning solutions should be used (6.5<PH value<7.5)

4.Silicone oil is forbidden;

5.No softener or additional agents can be added during washing;

6.It’s forbidden to dehydrate by squeezing;

7.It’s suggested to be washed alone. Slight color fading is normal;

8.It can be sterilized with steaming of high temperature and pressure.