Lab coat

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After years of research and development, Burlington has brought brand new uniforms to medical workers. The functional uniforms boast super strong functions, a perfect sewing process, professional and avant-garde fashion and super strong durability. It aims to create cloths suitable for you.

The revolutionary new materials have overturned the polyester fiber and carbon fiber composite used in traditional medical uniforms, which are proof to blood, stain and water splash.

Test data

1.Resistance to water permeability AATCC 127: 200mm H2O

2.Color fastness AATCC 188: Level 4.5

3.Anti-static AATCC 76:>2×1014Ω/m2

4.Breathability ASTM D737:6cm3/s/cm2


How to clean

1.Cleaning solutions with strong acidity are forbidden;

2.Cleaning solutions cannot be neutralized with oxalic acid;

3.Slightly alkaline cleaning solutions should be used (6.5<PH value<7.5)

4.Silicone oil is forbidden;

5.No softener or additional agents can be added during washing;

6.It’s forbidden to dehydrate by squeezing;

7.It’s suggested to be washed alone. Slight color fading is normal.


Size range