Surgical drape

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Product introduction

 The innovative double-layer fabric helps medical workers improve the efficiency of medical care. It is easier to clean than traditional materials, is resistant to chlorine bleaching, is not easy to dye, and has low washing and sterilization costs.

 It can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure steam, which can reduce the risk of intraoperative infection and operating costs while protecting medical workers and patients.

Scope of application

Single-layer surgical drape: Single-layer has anti-static, water-blocking, anti-bacterial, and quick-drying functions

Double-layer surgical drape: The surface layer has anti-static, water absorption, and quick-drying functions, and the bottom layer has anti-static, water-blocking, anti-bacterial, and quick-drying functions.

Test data

1.Counting of fallen wadding YY/T0506.2:3.2log10

2.Resistance to water permeability AATCC 127:500mm H2O

3.Color fastness AATCC 188:Level 4

4.Anti-static AATCC 76:<106Ω/m2

5.Breathability ASTM D737:7.35cm3/s/cm2

6.Water absorption performance: AATCC79:2.2s